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Primary Care Physician Services


Primary Care Physician Services

Primary Care Physician Services
  • We accept most of the leading Medicare and Medicaid managed care insurance companies.
  • Fitness Services. “Silver Sneakers” service which is provided by most Medicare Managed Care companies and plans.


You have come to expect the best in medical care from your primary care physician. Now you can enjoy an even broader network of doctors to choose from as well as a growing list of affiliated specialists.


Whether you are being greeted with a smile or being attended by your own personally selected Primary Care Physician, every person in our organization is here to provide you with quality medical treatment and attentive personal care. By allocating the right resources in the right ways, we hope to build special relationships with each of our patients that lead to healthier outcomes. All of us at Medical Consultants of Florida make this promise of care.


As Physicians ourselves, we pride ourselves as primary care physicians and want to ensure you receive the best quality and attentive care.  All of us here at Medical Consultants of Florida are not just here for there when you are in need, we want you to know we appreciate the special relationship with our patients.